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Although certain airlines and travel agencies advertise prices as the “lowest possible airfare,” that’s not always the case. Since we purchase tickets at volume, we receive tickets at a discounted rate—meaning we’re able to offer cheaper tickets compared to airlines, travel agencies, and our competition.Also, our agents hold “priority status” with numerous airlines, and receive “special fares.” Once the fares are received, they’re offered to our clients. We also utilize a custom proprietary software, allowing us to search business and first class award seat availability.

Last-minute Business Class is an industry-leading consolidator and wholesaler of airline tickets, providing its clients with discounted rates and superior service. Our clientele is interested in flying first or business class, and we focus on providing significant savings by selling directly to the customer—avoiding any additional costs associated with retail travel agencies or airlines.

The better your flexibility regarding flight times and dates, the greater your discount. Discounted tickets are based on an airline’s profitability, which our agents are extremely mindful of when booking, and negotiate for the best possible price.

Once purchased, your tickets are primarily issued electronically. If and when paper tickets are required they will be delivered via FedEx or UPS.Due to their ease of use and to avoid any airline surcharges or delivery fees, we highly recommend opting for electronic tickets.

Although we’re extremely accommodating and understanding with all of our clients, we do adhere to all regulations and policies set by airlines.However, majority of tickets can be changed prior to departure, but can be subject to fees and/or penalties from the associated airline.

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. In addition to major credit cards, we also accept US checks and international wire transfers.

We work with all major domestic and international airlines worldwide.